Dry Eye Syndrome
Dry eye is a condition in which there are insufficient tears to lubricate and nourish the eye. ...
Presbyopia is a vision condition in which the crystalline lens of your eye loses its flexibilit...
Amblyopia, or "lazy eye," is the loss of one eye's ability to see details. It is the most commo...

Need new glasses or sunglasses? Or how about an extra pair? Come to our exciting discount fall event. For one day only, we will be offering up to 40 percent savings off all prescription or non prescription eyewear. Come see the latest fall styles, featuring designs by Ray Ban and Coach. Representatives from both lines will be showcasing all of the latest styles in ophthalmic frames and sunwear.

This would also be a great opportunity to use any unused flexible spending money or eyewear benefits for 2015.

Please join us on Saturday November 14th from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm for this exciting savings event.

*Discounts apply to non insurance plan sales only. Vision plans are welcome on day of event.

*Please rsvp to register for a chance to win a free pair of Coach or Ray Ban frames on the day of the event. (Must be in attendance to win.)

We look forward to SEEING you.

New Optometrist

Exton Vision Center is pleased to introduce a new Doctor to our staff.

Dr. Heather Kenny, who joined us on February 1, 2015, earned her BA degree in Biology from Rutgers University. She graduated with a Doctor of Optometry degree from Salus University in 1989. Dr. Kenny has been practicing optometry in the Delaware Valley for over 25 years, diagnosing and treating diseases of the eye, examining eyes and visual systems and prescribing corrective eyeglasses and contact lenses. Her optometric skills, combined with her interpersonal and communication abilities, allow her to clearly and effectively communicate test results and propose treatment in a manner that is easily understood by her patients.
We welcome Dr Kenny to our staff and we are confident that you will be satisfied with the professional vision care she will provide for you and your family.


Exton Vision Center is excited to announce that we now carry Ray Ban Eyewear by Luxotica.

Ray Ban, one of the leading eyewear lines in the world, has a variety of sunglass and regular eyeglass frames to choose from.

Like all of our designer lines, our dispensery offers a variety of stylish Ray Bans in house and we can also special order any model from the manufacturer.

Please come in and check em out.

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